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Keyrus and Alida Partner Together to Transform Customer Experiences

“We are excited to partner with Alida to further expand our service and product offering within the Customer Experience domain”, says Werner Mathijs, Director Digital Experience of Keyrus Belgium. “Historically, we have been a trusted partner for data related projects. Building on this trust, we now help our current and future clients improve and automate marketing, sales, customer service & experience processes. For the latter, a partnership with Alida: a proven, yet innovative and disruptive CX platform, is a natural fit.”

Keyrus combines innovative technologies, forward-thinking business strategies and rich data collection to guide clients through their CX transformations and generate new levers for growth and competitiveness. With Alida’s TXM Platform tailored to provide industry and role-specific insights and Keyrus’ forward-thinking consultancy, organizations will be able to deeply understand their end customers and take action to make their experiences memorable.

“We are thrilled to be embarking on this partnership journey with Keyrus and look forward to providing organizations an industry-leading CX solution that combines both innovative technology and consultancy,” said Ross Wainwright, CEO of Alida. “With over 25 years of experience, the Keyrus team is well reputed in building highly successful CX initiatives that support businesses in understanding and putting customer insights into meaningful action.”

The Alida Partner Network enables growth for organizations of all sizes by providing the software, enablement and expert support needed to put customers' truth into action. As the global authority in building engaged and online communities for ongoing customer feedback, partners entrust Alida’s software to help them deliver powerful insights and a competitive advantage for their clients.

“Keyrus is a wonderful addition to our Alida Partner Network. We look forward to forging a strong partnership that will offer organizations globally an elevated customer experience solution,” said Gary Smith, SVP Channel & Partner Alliances, Alida.

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About Keyrus

Keyrus is a global data, digital and business consulting company that leverages its business and technical expertise to deliver solutions that turn data into insights and value.We help companies like yours uncover the most value possible from data to optimize your digital strategy and customer experience.

Data holds the answers to humanity’s biggest challenges. Our slogan is: “make data matter”

Data is the key driver of innovation and the foundation for solutions that enable long-term success. We use it to facilitate company growth, optimize process efficiency, innovate your business and ensure sustainable performance.

It’s not only the data itself that matters, but the problems we can solve by leveraging it. By “making data matter,” we don’t exclusively mean in a company performance context. With more than 25 years of experience, we make your data matter with a “business-to-human” approach that enables positive change on a larger scale and address wider challenges around sustainability and positive societal growth.

About Alida

Alida believes in a world where customers are respected as the ultimate source of truth. Because knowing the whole truth about your customers—even the parts that are hard to hear—can help companies make better decisions that drive long-term customer loyalty and growth. With the Alida Total Experience Management (TXM) Platform, leading brands like HBOMax, Adobe, Red Bull, and J.Crew turn their customer truth into action to power exceptional customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.

Founded in Vancouver, Canada over 20 years ago as Vision Critical, Alida now serves the globe with its visionary software and team of 500+ experts across 11 countries.

Join us on our mission to reimagine the experience at and @alidaCXM


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