About us

Ethics & Compliance

Keyrus has built its reputation around respect, fairness, and progress. We carry these values into our relationships with all company stakeholders by adhering to strict confidentiality rules relating to information sharing.

Keyrus is committed to sustainability

Keyrus joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2011, undertaking to respect all of the Compact's principles relating to social and societal responsibilities, as well as environmental issues.

Our commitment to social responsibility

EcoVadis is a platform for assessing companies' CSR performance. EcoVadis evaluation criteria vary according to the company's sector of activity and size and are based on reference CSR standards, such as the UN Global Compact, ILO conventions, GRI standards, country laws and regulations, and the ISO 26000 standard. In early 2021, Ecovadis awarded Keyrus a bronze medal for its strategy and strong commitment to CSR in the areas of Environment, Ethics, Social and Human Rights, and Responsible Purchasing.

We value transparency

Keyrus adheres to the highest standards of ethical business practices, as governed by our code of conduct. To ensure transparency, two independent directors sit on the Group's Audit Committee.

Anti-corruption code of conduct

The Keyrus Group has adopted the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct developed by Middlenext, which refers to the United Nations Convention against corruption and strives to fight against all forms of corruption.

Keyrus Ethics Line

A secure reporting platform, hosted and maintained by an independent third party, Keyrus Ethics Line allows you to report any incident that potentially violates applicable laws or internal rules to the members of the Keyrus Ethics Committee.

The Keyrus Foundation

In 1996, the Keyrus Foundation was created to expand the Group’s philanthropic initiatives. The Foundation aims to give back to society by working with nonprofits that favor diversity initiatives. With a focus on entrepreneurship, science & education, and art & culture, our expertise in data and digital enables us to innovate and further develop digital applications that support these nonprofit missions.