About us

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do

Innovation and agility have always been integral to what we do. We continuously anticipate new ways of solving problems while mastering new technologies to help you effectively meet the major challenges facing your company.

The Keyrus Innovation Factory

Keyrus leverages its Innovation Factory to implement the latest technological advancements and gain early adopter experience in different markets. Work with us to identify new solutions for priority business objectives and develop projects with a focus on rapid ROI.

Connect with cutting-edge startups

Present in five major innovation hubs - France, Israel, Brazil, China, and the US - the Innovation Factory offers global support to companies, from ideation to incubation and implementation.

  • 1 million startups in our database

  • 100+ startups connected with client companies

  • 20+ startups financed

Boost your open innovation strategy

The Startup Corner platform, available free of charge to all Keyrus clients, simplifies your open innovation efforts in a number of ways

  • Discover the ecosystem of startups in your sector and your business and detect today's threats and tomorrow's opportunities.

  • Easily spot, document and analyze the disruptive startups you may want to work with

  • Interact and collaborate with these groundbreaking startups to co-build your own innovative solutions according to your needs.

Launch your startup

Younicorns is a startup studio whose mission is to design and accelerate startup projects in active collaboration with major brands. Established in 2019, Younicorns has experience launching startups in a variety of sectors, including real estate development, international B2B food and beverage, e-commerce, C2C marketplaces, banking and insurance, mass retail, corporate catering, consulting, and more. Younicorns promotes startup excubation as a new way to innovate in an efficient, pragmatic and budget-friendly manner.

R&D with a focus on data science

Data science is one of Keyrus' strategic priorities. Our team answers the “how” and “why” questions about current and future business scenarios. We develop statistical models and algorithms to emulate business systems. From there, we reveal key drivers of your business performance and predict the likelihood of future events.

Finding solutions to current challenges

Our R&D strategy is based on a rich portfolio of projects centered around current challenges, such as:

  • Connected health

  • Neuro-economy, neuro-finance, and neuro-marketing

  • FinTech

  • NBIC exponential technologies

  • Developments in AI, Blockchain, IoT, and cybersecurity

Partnering with top tech companies around the world

Fill technology gaps with modern tools that make your processes easier, faster, and more impactful. Keyrus’ strong technology partnerships guarantee you’re getting the highest level of expertise with the market’s best technologies, all adapted specifically for your project.