A centralized platform for demand, scenario, gross margin, and sales & operations planning


Our client is a globally recognized pharmaceutical company that provides solutions to meet patient medical needs around the world. As a research-based company in an increasingly fast-paced industry, our client needs precise calculation and connection to unify all aspects of the business.


Prior to our implementation of Anaplan, establishing a financial plan for an organization valued at over 8 billion USD across 20 countries required over 200 different Excel documents, each with different versions of data, users, and process application. While the business methodology and Excel logic in place was sound, financial forecasts frequently erred by substantial amounts purely due to the disconnectedness in the planning process.


Anaplan is a cloud-based planning tool that offered exactly what our client needed – a connected planning solution that cleaned out the messy middle. Its ability to integrate with both upstream and downstream systems while also enabling real-time calculation through its patented hyper block technology is at the core of connecting people, systems, and data to generate useful insights for its users. Keyrus leveraged the power of this tool to consolidate data across the organization, which established a centralized platform for both demand and gross margin planning as well as sales and operation planning. This allowed for more easily digestible data and made it readily available to all parties within the organization, from executives down to business analysts. This centralized platform also meant capable and applicable connection across processes, connecting key areas of the business such as demand planning with account reconciliation. With the most accurate and up-to-date data, our client utilized a statistical methodology-based approach to calculate revenue forecasts automatically and allow for adjustments as needed. Additionally, our client can now model revenue forecasts around simulated market events and scenarios to leverage multiple “what-if” financial analyses.

Key results

Easily review calculated contract rebates on past sales and accurately forecast future rebates
Capability to perform “what-if” scenario analysis, comparing multiple versions across simulated market events
Ease the burden of manual work, replacing it with a dynamic end-user experience through intuitive dashboards


After partnering with Keyrus and leveraging the power of Anaplan, our client has a unified platform for demand and gross margin planning, account reconciliation, and S&OP.

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Anaplan is a cloud-native enterprise SaaS company that empowers global organizations to orchestrate business performance and execute digital transformation with confidence and agility. 2021 AMER Partner of the Year


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