Improve access to daily business operations data with self-service visualizations


Established almost four centuries ago, our client is a leading company in the tobacco sector in Spain. It is the only tobacco company with industrial centers in the country and is the largest purchaser from tobacco farmers in Extremadura.


The organization did not have smooth access to detailed data on daily sales operations, and the salespeople for each geography weren't able to intuitively visualize data in order to make decisions in an agile manner. The client wanted to enable self-service analytics and make it possible for sales teams to easily view and understand global operational information.


After defining KPIs with the sales teams and area managers, Keyrus create mobile-friendly reports that would allow the sales team to track sales and KPIs from different analysis axes in a visually appealing way.

Key results

Ability to easily track key KPIs
Sales teams can make proactive decisions to improve results
Increased knowledge of business and customer behavior


Customer department managers can monitor sales data and KPIs, even from mobile devices, to support decision making through attractive dashboards in a self-service manner.

Technology partners


Microsoft is a cloud provider and publisher of office software and business intelligence solutions.


Gold partnership agreement


Gold partner: application development, data analytics, cloud platform



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