Success story

Improving sales reporting to maximize deals at a fintech company

by Jose Monsanto


A global financial technology company sought to streamline, automate, and optimize how they collect and report on data to keep a steady pulse on the health of their business. Specifically, their sales team was looking for innovative ways to utilize data to enable their sales reps to maximize deal volumes. 


Like many large organizations with different teams and product lines, the company had data spanning disparate data sources which created challenges around data integrity and quality within the organization. 

Prior to the analytics initiative, the company had large amounts of raw data but lacked the systems and practices needed to properly verify the data, automate processes, and create easy-to-access reports. Even when they felt confident in the accuracy of a given dataset, it took days of work to collect, clean, and validate data for executive reporting. These manual and complex processes created roadblocks for operations and became barriers in decision making.

Additionally, the organization was looking for opportunities to utilize their data to glean new insights that would have a positive impact on their business. Through transparent reporting and clear goal-setting, they sought to provide accessible information to sales reps so that they could understand how they are tracking against their goals.


Keyrus leveraged Alteryx to build a robust data pipeline that gathered and cleaned the data while identifying any data integrity issues. This pipeline pulled various data sources including Amazon Redshift, Alation, Anaplan, and Callidus, and joined those to Google Sheets files to create a data model that enabled reporting. Using Tableau, Keyrus created easy-to-read reports that the Chief Revenue Officer can add commentary to and present to the rest of the C-suite regularly. 

In addition to the department-level reporting that Keyrus implemented, we also worked to provide insights for individual employees to enable them to better understand how they are performing against set KPIs. Using Tableau, Keyrus developed report cards for 250 sales reps, allowing them to receive weekly email updates on how they are tracking towards their goals and how their performance is contributing to the overall success of the team. 


After implementing the data pipeline, business health reports that used to take multiple days of manual work now update automatically within an hour. 

Now employees at all levels are able to reference these new reports and they have more confidence in the accuracy of their data and reporting, allowing them to make decisions quickly and easily. 

The sales consultant report card has provided motivation and insight for sales performance, and helped to highlight areas where consultants need improvement. By helping consultants improve sales in targeted segments, the company will continue to see growth across the organization.

At an executive level, the leadership team has leveraged these reports to make data-backed decisions with confidence. The company has found these reports to be so valuable that they have engaged with Keyrus to create similar data processes for other analytical reports.


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