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One Analytics: End-to-End Solutions with Tableau and Tableau CRM

What is One Analytics?

One Analytics is a fully integrated solution that allows you to combine the power of Tableau with Tableau CRM to incorporate advanced analytics into your dashboard. One Analytics allows you to build powerful predictive models using:

  • Tableau - a visual analytics platform transforming the way we use data to solve problems

  • Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) - a platform that empowers Salesforce CRM users with actionable insights and AI-driven analytics directly in existing workflows

    • Einstein Discovery - an add-on Salesforce product that produces insights and predictions for your Tableau CRM data

How can I use Tableau and Tableau CRM to drive business value? 

There are endless ways you can combine Tableau and Tableau CRM to improve insights and drive value. Here are some ways we’ve worked with clients to ramp up their advanced analytics capabilities to improve business results:

Marketing ROI: Maximize sales by optimizing investment in the most influential media channels. 

In this use case, we created a custom in-house model to determine the impact of media spending on sales lift. This dashboard provides a one-stop analytics solution to discover under-utilized resources and increase marketing ROI. This solution not only gives you insights into ROI on your current marketing spend, but can also make recommendations on how to better allocate marketing budget to increase ROI going forward.

Our approach is ideal for teams working in retail, consumer goods, communications, media sales, and marketing.

Supply Chain: Use predictive analytics to tap into insights that will help reduce late shipments and balance product volume with on-time delivery.

Using advanced analytics, we uncovered insights into seasonality, delivery costs, and factors impacted by distribution companies and account owners. 

This solution uses Tableau + Tableau CRM to help you:

  • Reduce late shipments

  • Use predictive analytics to determine who your best partners are

  • Balance product volume and on-time delivery

Our approach helps analysts in retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, sales, and marketing to leverage advanced analytics to maintain positive customer relationships.

Pricing Analytics: Get insights into pricing and promotion performance to maximize profits.

Our profit maximization model combines Tableau CRM and Tableau to enhance analytics capabilities and provide a one-stop look at factors that impact profits and margins. The extension seamlessly integrates Tableau’s interactive features to help you focus on the things that matter most for your business.

This comprehensive analytics solution can help you increase the impact of your promotions by targeting opportunities and reducing losses.

This retails price analytics solution helps retail, consumer goods, sales, and marketing professionals to drive intelligent data-driven decisions by weighing the impact of promotions on your products

How can I get started?

Want to learn more about how to use Tableau + Tableau CRM to improve your business? Connect with us to learn about our One Analytics Kickstart Program.


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