Maximize on customer service efficiency and save operational costs with a contact center planning solution


Savings on contact center planning costs

$7 M

Total annual savings


When a leading HR Solutions Provider that interfaces with its customers on a high-volume and frequent basis wanted to focus on maximizing its customer lifetime value (CLTV) by the end of 2020, it needed a reliable way to: 1. Minimize their costs to serve their customers without impacting SLAs 2. Increase interaction (call) and headcount forecast accuracy 3. Reduce the time it takes to plan operational headcounts 4. Track Contact Center related expenses per customer and per team The business directors knew they needed a forecasting and planning solution to push costs-to-serve down and ensure maximum efficiency of its contact center.


We began by helping our client identify drivers for leveraging data to determine what it costs to service its customers: 1. First, they needed to overlay resource and GL costs to calculate the true cost of running their contact center. 2. Second, they needed to combine their demand forecasts, capacity plans, and team costs to optimize forecasted case and call allocations. 3. Third, they would need to leverage in-memory calculations and reporting to distribute plans across the organization.


Keyrus worked closely with this organization to understand how they could ultimately maximize the organization’s CLTV by pushing costs-to-serve down. By incorporating team-level payroll information and general ledger (GL) data, the Keyrus Contact Center Planning Solution enabled the organization to track team efficiency by calculating a cost per activity or per interaction. This visibility can drive allocation decisions and helps managers hold their teams accountable. The Anaplan contact center planning model leverages in-memory calculations that analyze actual demand and capacity, recalculate employee and team utilization, reconcile future workforce plans, and distribute these plans across the organization. These plans are incorporated throughout the organization in user-friendly pages to be leveraged by the reviewing team so they may view performance metrics, adjust headcount, and adjust differing levels of contact center workforce planning scenarios.

Key results

Empowered the organization to reshuffle employee and team structure based on actionable contact center planning data
Deployed an optimizer to allocate cases to the most optimal teams in the contact center
Reduced overstaffed/understaffed periods to ultimately save on operational costs and push cost-to-serve down


Anaplan’s scalable, agile, secure platform for connected planning improves insight into what your true forecasted demand looks like and what an efficient workforce plan to meet said demand looks like. Let Anaplan give your contact center a whole new understanding of maximum efficiency with this connected planning platform.

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