About us

Humanizing the future

Data holds the answers to humanity’s biggest challenges.

It’s the key driver of innovation and the foundation for solutions that enable long-term success. We can use it to promote sustainable development, economic growth, and greater societal interests.

With more than 25 years of experience, Keyrus makes data matter with a “business-to-human” approach that not only facilitates company growth and innovation, but also addresses wider issues around sustainability and positive societal growth.

Make data matter.

It’s not only the data itself that matters, but the problems we can solve by leveraging it. By “making data matter,” we don’t exclusively mean in a company performance context; we make your data matter from a broader, human-oriented perspective that enables positive change on a larger scale.

Human data

At Keyrus, we use our technical expertise to empower our clients with strategic, actionable, data-driven insights. Beyond simply understanding data, we use it as a driving force for progress and innovation - a means to a better future. 

As data plays an ever-expanding role in all of our lives, some see it as a threat: a resource that large corporations use to further their own interests while dehumanizing individuals. 

To us, data is a window into our world, its workings, and the way humans interact with and shape it. Data is the story of our past and the script for our future, making it inherently human. This approach allows our clients to put more focus on the individuals they serve. More broadly, it enables them to use data in a way that will positively shape the future. 

This is why we focus on extracting insights and value from data - we know it has the ability to move us forward in a positive direction, not just economically, but environmentally and socially as well. 

Inspirational reality

All our projects are both present and future-oriented. We implement solutions that solve current challenges and add immediate value while also looking ahead at future opportunities for innovation. This enables our clients to proactively reinvent their business models and offerings.

Simplex future

Data is the raw material that businesses need in order to grow and succeed, and data is in our genes. We’re experts at tackling complex problems and providing our clients with straightforward, effective and scalable solutions.