Business-wide BI enablement and self-service at a large retailer


Members of diverse business functions empowered to utilize their BI tool


Total number of members trained


Unique, dynamic, and interactive training program developed


To derive the greatest value from any BI investment, entire business communities must be empowered to ask their own questions from the data via self-service. As a leading BI and analytics consultancy, Keyrus developed a dynamic, interactive training program that brings significant benefits for customers. Mr. Price Group, a JSE listed retail company and one of the largest retailers in South Africa, wanted to invest in a new generation of BI tools. The organization decided to implement Tableau throughout their operations.


Following the successful implementation of Tableau, the customer's focus turned to the need to enable as many of their business people as possible to ask their own questions of the data. These users must be able to extract relevant information for fast, competent decision-making. Ensuring users understand these powerful tools and how to operate them is key to creating a data-driven business.


Keyrus is championing the need for BI and analytics business-wide enablement, in line with its mission of making data matter. Our team developed the Explorer Tableau training course, a dynamic, interactive program for business-wide enablement of the world-class data visualization tool, Tableau. Equipped with this unique program, Keyrus has embarked on an enablement journey for Mr. Price Group, which is looking to train over 250 team members over the next few months. The success of the Keyrus training lies in its methodology. Each session is customized to the particular customer, using their own data, which makes it relatable and relevant. “We ensured that the training used data from various business areas, making it relevant to all users. I believe this is so important for true company-wide adoption of BI,” explains Craig Andrew, Head of BI & Analytics at Keyrus. The main objective of this new enablement program is to train a wide range of people throughout the business to effectively operate their BI tool and extract information important to them and their area of responsibility and expertise. One of the key priorities is skills transfer. We aim to enable our clients because we've seen that the most effective change comes from within the business. Feedback from the initial session, involving 50 delegates, was overwhelmingly positive.

Key results

Creating a data-driven company culture
Increased speed to insight to make data-driven decisions
Empowerment and skill transfer to wide business community


The business communities are able to obtain answers from company data via self-service. This empowers them to have meaningful conversations about data, leading to a more data-driven business culture. Once people throughout the business have visibility into and take ownership of the data, the organization benefits from speed to insight as well as the ability to make rapid, informed decisions. The training created excitement across the diverse business functions about data and its value for everyday decision-making. In addition, it went a long way towards engendering a data-driven culture among the business team members who may not have ever been exposed to BI tools.

What our clients say

“We have had great feedback; the users love it!”

Jason Du Randt, BI Solution Manager, Mr Price Group Limited

Technology partners

Tableau Software

As a leading analytics platform, Tableau offers visual analytics with powerful AI, data management, and collaboration. From individuals to organizations of all sizes, customers around the world use Tableau’s advanced analytics to fuel impactful, data-driven decisions. Tableau Software was acquired by Salesforce in 2019.


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